conectando marcas y consumidores

Who are we ?

Part of TradeGestionGroup®, TGex International is experts in Commercial and Trade Marketing management.

Our mission: advise and implement commercial & Marketing projects to improve market positioning and distribution of our customers´ products optimizing their resources.

Professionals with many years of experience in multinationals of fast mooving consumer goods (FMCG) as K.A.M.,  Commercial Directors and Trade MKt Managers, developing and implementing projects.


What we offer ?

  • We offer different types of differentiated service in base on the needs of our customers : Trade marketing service adapted to the necessities of each customer. We don´t want our clients to set aside any Trade Mkt project due to lack of human resources. 
  • Integral Commercial service based on a tested methodology. We are our clients´ commercial department and carry out sales & promotions the management.
  • Export & Import service, as International commercial department, with its foal in exterior positioning and sales. 
  • Country Manager TGex (CMT): We are our clients sales & marketing department in Spain & Portugal or Germany,  and carry out the management of the sales & promotional campaigns. 
  • Market Research: We define which are the strategic categories for the Spanish or German markets and we perform a benchmark. (shop space, weight of the white label, top brands, etc).