TGex International.
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German Market with TGex.

We offer 2 different services in the German Market:

√ Market Research Studies (ISC). You can know better how is the German´s retailers market thanks to our ISC report, who are the leading brands, how many "facing" there are, Sales prices, promotions,... and if you are selling in the market, who are my products in it.

  • We do it in NRW Region, where living 24 millions of people. The main cities in NRW are Cologne, Bonn, Düsseldorf, Essen & Dortmund.
  • We visit different Retailers channels where all together sell around   80% of the the total sales in Germany.
  • We analyze the space by category, price, formats, and all types of information to identify business opportunities and to develop specific products.
  • We elaborate a specific report with all information and conclusion about your category. 

√ Directly sales in Retailers (Supermarkets & Hypermarkets), Cash & Carry,  Gas Stations, Hard & Soft discounts & Foodservice. We will work like your commercial department in the country, with head office in Cologne, closing meeting with the buyers, present the products, negotiate the prices & conditions and close the sales agreements. 

  • We work in a team on every project, managing large accounts (K.A.) and distributors.
  • Due to our experience in Trade Marketing we take part in the pricing and assortments strategy, and elaborate necessary commercial presentations. 
  • We present the products and perform complete  commercial management of the accounts.
  • We sell and maintain the sales according to the real objectives and growth.